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Digital Marketers. Content Creators. Website Makers. Awesome People.

If you’re ready to grow and want a team that comes alongside you like a part of your business to achieve results, keep reading.

If you are a business owner or working in a business needing to scale, grow, increase revenue. create a converting brand presence or introduce a new product, figuring out how to grow in the ridiculously overcomplicated world of digital marketing can seem impossible. Hundreds of marketers ranging from freelancers to large agencies offering a plethora of solutions, not to mention the thousands of DIY courses and resources all of which take a lot of your time and money and often, deliver diddly squat. Finding an affordable solution for your business seems impossible in between the worlds of a freelancer and large expensive agencies taking a robotic approach.

But, imagine there was a team who work as closely with your business as a freelancer or in-house marketer but have a team large enough to have a staff member specialise in each individual field who have created a unique strategy that sits in between the two worlds and delivers measurable results.

Impossible huh? Not for this gal. Meet Jess, the fierce and passionate chief delegator at Olive Louise Social. Jess has successfully built one of Brisbane’s most recognised boutique marketing agencies, leading a team of 4 women who absolutely love what they do. 

Olive Louise Social have developed a marketing model which cuts through the noise of what you should and should not be doing and gets to the core of what is needed to grow. They specialise in sales and consumer Psychology to deliver unique messaging that works and understanding digital platforms unlike any other, in particular ads and effectively generating leads through them.

Sounds great, but how?

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This multi talented team are the whole package. They’ve refreshed our home made brand with professional graphics, and bought strategy to our otherwise haphazard social media posting. We saw an immediate revenue increase that not only covered our spend on OLS, but boosted our sales exponentially. We love seeing the posts that the team come up with each week, and the engagement they get, while we get to focus on what we do best… create great products for our customers.

Sandi Phoenix

Olive Louise…wow highly recommended. The team at OLS are amazing. Not only are they great to work with they’re easy to communicate your frustration, ideas & vision for your company with. After engaging a company to look after our socials a few years ago with next to no results we were admitted we would never engage another company to look after our social media advertising again, then we were introduced to OLS.  If you are a business looking to increase your revenue or give your business a face the team at OLS are the team for you.

Thank you team Olive Louise Social you truly are rockstars!”

Jacob Hipwood

“Deciding to work with Olive Louise Social has been one of the best decisions that we’ve made as a business. Having tried and failed to master the consistently changing rules and algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, not to mention the time I was spending trying to create engaging content and get those adverts in front of the right audience, I knew that it was critical that we understood and excelled at Social Media Marketing, but I lacked the time and expertise to make it work. We’ve worked with Jess, Sherstin and the OLS team for eight months and consider them a critical part of our business team.

They understand our business, our customers and our goals and we see significant results which grow each week and month. As a business owner, knowing that they have everything Facebook, Instagram and our email marketing under control gives me the peace of mind to focus in growing our business. They’re a delight to work with and I always feel that they’re invested in our success.”

Claudia Lawrence

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