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Why Olive Louise Social?

We know what you really want to know is why should you hire us. So let’s cut to the point.

Fact #1

We are a team of 7 hardworking women, who each specialise in an individual field allowing us to truly master our craft. Because let's face it, social media sucks.

Fact #2

Don't let that fool you, we do NOT sit around talking about underwire and baby food all day, team OLS are fiercely competitive and some of the hardest workers you will meet.

Fact #3

We are hilarious. Clearly.

OLS Services

Our model is designed to guide you through the process of achieving results across digital platforms.

Build an action plan

Before you begin to implement any form of marketing strategy, it is vital that your business goals are clear. Create a formula based on current stats and trends outlines financial goals, breaking these down into sales goals, and understanding how many leads are required to reach them. For example, you need 40 leads per month to convert 8 sales at an average of $30 to breakeven.

Client Profile

Determine your target market! Break it down into categories of demographics such as income, age, housing, location etc; then into psychographics including attitudes, habits, aspirations, interests, hobbies etc. Put yourself in their shoes so you can understand how to reach them and how to speak to them!

Design your brand & content

Invest in strategically branded content that will deliver strong messaging throughout your marketing. Think about how you'd like others to perceive your brand and clearly outline the colours and fonts that will be used when creating streamlined content.

Develop a marketing cycle

See the below graphic and explanation.

Marketing cycle

Having a well-represented presence through regular updates and posts across Facebook, Instagram, Google and then Youtube, LinkedIn, Zomato etc if applicable.

Ensuring you have an equally well-represented website that is functional and utilises tools of conversion to start the decision-making process and build credibility in your brand.

Now you need something to drive new traffic to your online presence and website. Using an ads funnel allows you to gain multiple touchpoints and use repetition to educate and drive conversions to your target market.

Adapting your customer service strategies to understand what they need to support customers driven from marketing. This process if often different to those who enquire organically on a needs basis.

Create a VIP community through email marketing that will encourage repeat business and higher average sales and multiple item sales. This should include abandoned cart sequences and nurture sequences also.

Look for opportunities to expand your exposure through utilising other associate brands and influences. This intern feeds your online presence and the cycle starts again.

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