Meet team OLS

Meet Jess, passionate business owner. She is damn good at what she does, not because she is #arrogant but because she works her butt off to be great. Her relationship with clients is a big part of her success, so if you’re not looking for a team to come alongside you and work with you to achieve your goals, keep scrolling. If you are looking for someone to do that, you will not meet someone who works harder to deliver what they promise and have a darn good time doing it. All biz-talk aside, team OLS are just a group of mums with a whole lot of passion for small business and who stop at nothing to deliver real results.

We are a team of 7 hardworking women, who each specialise in an individual field allowing us to truly master our craft. Because let’s face it, social media sucks.​

Don’t let that fool you, we do NOT sit around talking about underwire and baby food all day, team OLS are fiercely competitive and some of the hardest workers you will meet.

We are hilarious. Clearly.

We know what you really want to know is why hire us?

We are a team of 7 passionate, hardworking women who each are specialists in our individual field. This unique business model means 7 hands work on every account or project allowing us to truly specialise in each individual field of digital marketing.

Our inhouse content creation means we take care of the entire process while working closely with you. Our imagery, graphics, ads and video are created with a streamlined strategy driving the creative process.

Our team are constantly growing, collaborating and changing to ensure we keep a finger on the pulse when it comes to social media trends and traits. We do not claim to know it all, we simply claim to figure it out before most.

We are able to be incredibly agile. We remain one step ahead at all times, if something isn’t working, we know about it quickly and change it before it becomes a dead result.

We use consumer Psychology to go beyond simply creating content for an ad. We understand what, how and why people need to see something to make them buy it.

We have worked tirelessly to create our own formula of paid advertising that works. It works, because leaving it not working, is not an option.

At OLS, we give businesses a voice through strategic digital marketing and show-stopping creative content. We are a full service digital marketing agency and we’re damn good at what we do, working closely with every client to achieve their tailored business goals.

All biz-talk aside, we’re just a group of mums with a whole lot of passion and we stop at nothing to bring businesses real results.

Meet the team...

Jessica Ndenda

Owner/CEO & Marketing Director

“A consumer Psychology driven approach to a cohesive marketing strategy is key. Understanding why people buy and your unique selling points is the foundation of a powerful digital marketing strategy. The rest is logistics. “

Larissa Drazic

Design Manager

“Creating content for marketing is not all about lighting and angles, it is about giving each business a voice and message that makes an impact, creating variety, telling a story and standing out!”

Kate Lyons

Content Creator

“The split second you have to get someone to stop before their thumb makes it back to the bottom of the screen to scroll again is the difference between content that converts to sales, and content that doesn’t”

Bec Newman

Facebook Manager

“Knowing your brand and your audience inside out is the key we use to creating the most captivating content that converts to sales.”

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