We are straight talkers

So here you have it. The truth of what you really want to know.


We don’t do these for 2 main reasons:

1. We don’t believe an effective marketing strategy that is going to bring a significant increase in revenue to your business can be taught. It takes our team of 6, each dedicated to a specific area to make one account work. We work tirelessly on how perfecting our skills, to put this into an E-book would not only be unusable, but impossible.

2. Every business is different. What works for you, will not work for everyone else. Even within the same industry. Each individual business needs their own strategy and marketing angles created, the way in which these use algorithms and different ad styles included. There is very little that we could write about that would be the same for every customer. Unless you want a how to guide on how to change your profile picture? #nothanks

This depends on your business goal and the spend required to pay to Social Media platforms on your behalf for paid advertising.

Our packages start from $280 a week and are adjusted from there to suit increased advertising spends, multiple pages and platforms, content creation and anything else that is needed.

All prices are delivered upfront so you can assess what is needed to make your marketing strategy effectively achieve your goals. There is no contract, you are not locked into anything. All that is required to cease working with us is 2 weeks’ notice.

Chances are you did not know how to do this effectively and Facebook are more than happy to take your money and not give you much back. Understanding the different options, ads manager, website pixels and catalogs is only half the battle. Combining them with content that is likely to convert, is the other crucial half.

Call, email, facebook or send a homing pigeon to contact us and ask for a no obligation chat either through phone, video call or face to face. We also need to assess if we can deliver results for your business model and such, so we will get to know each other and make sure we are the right fit and assess which direction will deliver the best results. #allabouttheresults.

No. We work with a weekly fee only. This being said we will be brutally honest with expectations and time frames. We are not a magic button and even though you will see much more increases and engagements etc, it takes time for a strategy to build momentum and deliver results. Every business is different, but generally this will take 3 months to really begin to see the effects in terms of profitibility.

One that doesn’t claim to know everything. If a digital marketer claims to have the answers, they are lying. Sure, they should have a thorough knowledge on marketing techniques, ideas and why people convert, but the truth is the success of marketing depends on watching and understanding data. Letting the results guide your next move and understanding how to analyse this to learn how your target market wants to hear from you.

Because we got sick of so many clients coming to us with horror stories of being ripped off with a website that takes 5 months. If the website is not functional and built to convert, no matter how great we are, the client will not see the increase of sales they deserve. So, nature of the beast forced us to learn to make websites. We pride ourselves on understanding functionality and the technical side, but combining this with an understanding of what content is required to convert.

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