What we do and why we do it

Strategical planning

In order to identify the best marketing plan for each business we need to know how many sales they need to make to meet their financial goals, broken into how many people they need to reach based on currency conversions. This will tell us how many people we need to reach within your marketing strategy.

Client profiling

Understanding everything about your client will highlight the best way to reach them. Then we can evolve this information into how to reach them within back end digital targeting methods.


Content creation

This is the foundation of all marketing. Making sure your brand, product and services are represented with show-stopping attention to detail. This includes photography, video and graphic design services.​

Public speaking

Our directors are passionate and experienced women in business who feel strongly about dedicating their time to learn from others and share what they can to help other small business owners.


Website creation and management

Ensuring your website is functional is key. It is best compared to a car that needs constant servicing and maintenance to perform its best. However, ensuring your website converts by using consumer psychology to walk customers through the decision making the process to conversion is crucial. This is the place where over 80% of your customers will convert, whether you are e-commerce or service-based so it is the foundation of all marketing strategies digital or otherwise.


Creating an online presence

Posting regularly to Facebook and Instagram is key. Then ensuring you are well represented across Google to ensure organic SEO builds. This can also include platforms like YouTube, Zomato and Trip adviser if applicable.​

Paid advertising

If you do not have something driving traffic and attention to your business, you may as well open a shop in the middle of the Indian ocean and expect people to come and buy. Where and how you utilise ads depends on where and how to best reach your target market. However one point remains the same for all businesses, you need to generate multiple pieces of content to educate and build value in your product to funnel them into converting or inquiring. This requires funnels, retargeting and conversion ads across multiple platforms.


You can hire the experts at Olive Louise social to train in small or large groups on specific aspects of digital marketing.

Customer relations

Ensure all the inquiries and traffic that are now coming through your business are met with supreme customer service and customised sales techniques to create the ultimate consumer experience that maximises conversions and brand growth,


PR and collaborative marketing

Gaining coverage and using influencers and agreements with other businesses to push brand exposure further and feed your online presence, which in turn feeds your ads, website and so on.

Email marketing

Further enhancing that education process with email marketing allows us to create a sense of value to your customer that encourages return sales, higher average sales and item per sales and promote different business objectives.

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