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What we do and why we do it

Strategic planning

Setting goals, worshipping messaging and building a client profile not only ensures we are completely aligned in creating an authentic voice but also means we can ensure that we are reaching the right people in the right quantity to work with your current conversion rates to achieve your desired growth.


There is branding then there is digital branding. Often brands need optimising for social media and storytelling.

Posting and Page presence

Posting regularly and ensuring you have the correct settings and bells and whistles across all social media platforms is timely for busy business owners, but doing this well is the difference in building brand awareness and not.

Facebook and Instagram ads

This is by far the most powerful digital marketing tool of our time. But understanding the back end strategy of audience building and how to create content that converts, is the key to success.

Google Ads

This is the ad platform for those looking for something and needing to find you now. It will not create brand awareness but drive customers with urgency if done well.

Website Services

If you do not have a website that is both functional and delivers content that converts it is like having a badly presented shop in the middle of the desert.

Email marketing

Creating a loyal club through an email list will see the increase of the return customer with a higher Average sale and Item per sale.

Customer Relations

Understanding how to convert sales that come through an advertising funnel is a crucial part of this process.

PR and Collaborative marketing

This is so much more than simply working with influencers, it is about gaining exposure through existing customers, creating referral partnerships, business collaborations, affiliate marketing, aware recognition, sponsorships, stunts and activations, press exposure and so much more!

Uber Eats

For those in the food industry do not underestimate the power of this platform in both having a menu and strategy to achieve a high average spend and utilising the advertising tools available withing the ap.

Content Creation

This is the foundation of all marketing. Making sure your brand, product and services are represented with show-stopping attention to detail. This includes photography, video and graphic design services.‚Äč


You can hire the experts at Olive Louise social to train in small or large groups on specific aspects of digital marketing.

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